Minerva/Solar Cataloging Round Table — 07-29-16

Minerva / Solar Cataloging Roundtable Meeting Maine State Library

Remote Sites: University of Maine Bangor, Lewiston Public Library and York Public Library.



Augusta: Sandra Abbott-Stout – Quimby Library Unity College, Deborah Buker – Baxter Memorial Library, Ellen Conway – Falmouth Memorial Library, Heather Dawn Driscoll – Maine College of Art, Carin Dunay – SMCC Library, Valerie Frechette – CMCC Library, Carol Lord – Curtis Memorial Library, Laura Meservey – Rockport Public Library, Nancy Meservier – Bailey Public Library, Katherine Morgan – Norway Memorial Library, Myra Rosenbaum – Treat Memorial Library, Ann Russell – Gardiner Public Library, Lindsay Ryer – South Portland Public Library, Tyla Schaefer – South Portland Public Library, Liz Soares – Augusta School District Libraries, Holly Williams – Pittsfield Public Library.

University of Maine Bangor: Alexis Dixon – Orono Public Library, Diane Hanscom – Husson College, Alisia Revitt – Maine InfoNet, Anne Romans – Witherle Memorial Library, Castine.

Lewiston: Bernadette Boisvert – Lewiston Public Library, Deborah Tomaras – Lewiston Public Library, Myra Ellrich – Auburn Public Library, Peggy Malley – Ludden Memorial Library, Luke Sorenson – Walker Memorial Library, Robin Lowell – Freeport Public Library, Daria Rosen – St. Joseph’s College Library.

York: Kate Jacobs – Kennebunk Free Library, Anne Mosey – Wells Public Library, Kim Erickson Myers – York Public Library.

Technical Reports:

Lynn Uhlman: Maine InfoNet.


Lynn reported that Maine InfoNet has been busy working on projects for URSUS and cleaning up the 001 fields in the MINERVA catalog.  She asked that when you bring in a record to be sure that the 001 field is correct.  Alisia is working the duplicate 001 project.

Katherine Morgan – Cataloging Standards Committee:


This year all Minerva libraries need to attend or view three meetings by January 15, 2017.  If your library hasn’t met the requirements by January 15, 2017 then the ability to bring in records from Z39.5 or create new records will be taken away until the library meets the required three meetings.  The Executive Board approved of this deadline in November of 2015.

My goal this year is to have all catalogers monitor their library’s attendance and if there is a discrepancy to bring to my attention or Carin Dunay so we can take care of it immediately. Doing this at the end of the year is frustrating and causes confusion for us and for the library involved.

Everyone can keep track of their library’s attendance.

Go to Maine InfoNet web site http://www.maineinfonet.org/

In the search bar type “Attendance Worksheet”

Click on heading Cataloging Attendance Policy

Scroll down to heading the heading Attendance

Click on Worksheet here (it will be highlighted in blue)

Lynn Uhlman for Minerva will announce when a videostream is ready for viewing on MinervaCats. To find the link to the videostream:

Go to Maine InfoNet web site http://www.maineinfonet.org/

Under the heading Partners & Services click on Minerva

Click on the heading Support

Click on Cataloging/Serials

Under Cataloging heading click Cataloging Roundtable Meetings and Attendance Policy (in blue)

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find links to the videostream.

Inventory: Lynn asked if anyone had problems with the inventory method. She said that very few permissions are needed to use inventory and that if a library would like a user such as a volunteer, set up to use inventory to submit a ticket and ask it.

Vendor Records: More and more libraries are using vendor records and want them loaded into the system. Maine InfoNet will be meeting to decide what the process will be for us all to follow with these records. Right now, if there are three (3) letters before the 001 do not delete the 001.  If there is an OCLC number that begins with a three (3) letter code, do not delete it.  Also, do not attach to any records such as these until further notice.

Lynn provided examples vendor records.

Ebrary Record.

001   ebr1023694                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              003   CaPaEBR

Film on Demand Record.

001   fod1000050697                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   003   FOD

Do Not Delete the 001 field and Do Not attach to these records such as these.  Maine InFoNet Staff will be working on what to do about this.

Cataloging Errors Review: Ellen Conway. Ellen pointed out errors on new Minerva records and how the problems on them caused problems in Minerva.  Please see the video for full details, explanations and examples.

  1. Material Type “a” on Large Type records.
  2. Numbers in the 001 field that are not OCLC.
  3. Text and numbers after the 020 field.
  4. Incorrect 001 fields.
  5. 245 title in On Order Records should be in all Capital letters.
  6. Two ISBNs on one item. When you bring in a record, remove ISBNs that are not pertinent to your item.
  7. SKY records need to have the 001 removed.
  8. 650  0 Authors, American|zMaine is not used unless the record is about a Maine writer.
  9. 020|z ebook needs to be removed from print items when brought in.
  10. Punctuation needs to be correct in order for items to be found in the catalog.
  11. New records must be RDA. If you bring in a new record that is not RDA, you do need to edit them to make them RDA correct.
  12. Indicators need to be correct. Ellen demonstrated how to find the correct indicator by placing the curser on the field and right clicking. She explained how to choose the correct indicator.
  13. On Order Records. The 100 field, Author has to be correct. 245 field has to be in Caps.
  14. Each incorrect record is still a record that we have to pay Marcive for and we still have to take the time to make it correct as well.  If you find a record that is incorrect, please don’t just attach to it, correct it. If you don’t know how to correct it find out how.

Graphic Novels: Ellen went over the Graphic Novel standard and How To on the Website. She discussed the difference between a collection of comic strips and a graphic novel.

The meeting was concluded at 12:20. The next meeting will be held in September or October, 2016.

Quick Links

Cataloging Instruction, Guidance and Acceptable Cataloging: http://www.maineinfonet.org/minerva/support/cataloging-serials/cataloging-rules-and-instruction/

The Cataloging Attendance Policy: http://www.maineinfonet.org/minerva/governance/policies/cataloging-attendance-policy/

Please email confirmation that you have watched the meetings to minervaattendance@gmail.com.

To check the status of your library’s attendance, please see the worksheet here.

Maine Library Community Schedule of Events and Workshops Calendar: http://evanced.info/maine/evanced/eventcalendar.asp

To review this Minerva/Solar Round Table recording, please click the following link: http://stateofmaine.adobeconnect.com/mcatrt16-07-29/. A brief survey will ask you to provide your name and your library. Click the Done button and you will be forwarded on to the recording. The actual meeting begins about 19 to 20 minutes into the recording.


Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Buker, Baxter Memorial Library
Cataloging Standards Committee
August 4, 2016