Macros Settings

The Macros tab allows you to customize your keyboard function keys. The system offers the ability to customize function keys F1 through F12, plus these same function keys in combination with Alt, Ctrl, and Shift, e.g., Alt+F1, Ctrl+F1, Shift+F1, etc. If you have customized your function keys by using macros, you can press the function key or function key combination to activate the macro. For example, if you set F10 to “|e author,” then you could key F10 after an author’s name in the 100 field instead of keying the subfield every time.

Customizing Function Keys

Each login can create its own function key settings. To customize the function keys for a login:

  • Select Settings from the Admin menu.
  • Click the Macros tab in the dialog that displays
  • Select one of the following tabs depending on which keys you want to customize:
    • No Modifier – to customize function keys F1 through F12
    • ALT – to customize function key combinations Alt+F1 through Alt+F12
    • CTRL – to customize function key combinations Ctrl+F1 through Ctrl+F12
    • SHIFT – to customize function key combinations Shift+F1 through Shift+F12
  • Click in the text box for the function key you want to modify. Note that the system designates a particular function key as “RESERVED” if it is unavailable for customization.

Enter text and/or keyboard codes as follows:

Entering Text in a Macro

To enter text for a macro, key the text. Note that the Macros tab is case-sensitive (i.e., it distinguishes between capital and lowercase letters). If you want a capital ‘G’, for example, make sure you enter ‘G’ and not ‘g’.

For example, key “Journal of ” (without quotation marks) in the F10 text box to associate the F10 function key with that string of text. Then, in a search screen, keying F10 enter “Journal of ” (without quotation marks) in the search text box.

Entering Diacritics in a Macro

To enter a diacritic mark as a macro, you will need to hold down the Alt key and then press the sequence of numbers associated with the diacritic mark.

Examples of Diacritic Keyboard Codes

À 0192 È 0200 Ì 0204
Ò 0210 Ù 0217
à 0224 è 0232 ì 0236
ò 0242 ù 0249

Á 0193 É 0201 Í 0205
Ó 0211 Ú 0218 Ý 0221
á 0225 é 0233 í 0237
ó 0243 ú 0250 ý 0253

 0194 Ê 0202 Î 0206
Ô 0212 Û 0219
â 0226 ê 0234 î 0238
ô 0244 û 0251

à 0195 Ñ 0209 Õ 0213
ã 0227 ñ 0241 õ 0245

Ä 0196 Ë 0203 Ï 0207
Ö 0214 Ü 0220 Ÿ 0159
ä 0228 ë 0235 ï 0239
ö 0246 ü 0252 ÿ 0255

Copyright symbol 169
Registered symbol 174
List Dot 149
Section Symbol 167
Dagger 134
Double Dagger 135
en-dash 150
em-dash 151


To enter nonalphanumeric keys for a macro

  • Type the keyboard code for the key (see the List of Keyboard Codes below), or
  • Right-click the Macros tab, and choose the key from the popup menu. Note that you can use only the nonalphanumeric characters listed in the popup menu; the system does not recognize other nonalphanumeric keys.
  • Choose Save Settings to save the macro changes you have made. You can also choose Reset at any time to clear any unsaved changes, i.e., any changes made before choosing the Save Settings button.
  • Choose OK to exit the dialog. Choose Cancel to exit the dialog without saving any of your changes.
Keyboard Code Corresponding Key Combination
%HOME% Home
%END% End
%LEFT% LeftArrow
%RIGHT% RightArrow
%UP% UpArrow
%DOWN% DownArrow
%TAB% Tab
%PGUP% Page Up
%PGDOWN% Page Down
%ENTER% Enter
%ALT+<another key>% ALT+<another key>
%CTRL+<another key>% CTRL+<another key>
%SHIFT+<another key>% SHIFT+<another key>

Note that “<another key>” stands for any other alphanumeric or nonalphanumeric key you may enter, e.g., “%CTRL+t%,” “%ALT+Left%”, “%CTRL+SHIFT+t%”.

The system also uses the plus sign ‘+’ for nonalphanumeric/alphanumeric key combinations. For example, “%CTRL+a%” corresponds to Ctrl+A which selects all the items in a table. Note that the ‘a’ is inside the percent signs to signify that the ‘a’ is keyed while the Ctrl key is depressed. Be careful not to place extra letters inside the percent signs, unless this is what you intend.

For example, in Sierra, to change modes to Search/Holds by Title, you key Alt+G and then press H. To make this key combination into a macro, enter “%ALT+g%h” in the function key text box (note that F3 is predefined with this key combination). Or, to make a macro that automatically searches for the title string “journal of,” enter “tJournal of%ENTER%” in one of the function key text boxes.

Summary of Rules for Keying Macros

The following rules apply when keying macros:

  • Macros use alphanumeric keys, nonalphanumeric keys, and text strings in any combination.
  • Macros are case-sensitive.
  • Spaces are allowed in text strings.
  • Keyboard codes are all uppercase.
  • Keyboard codes must be enclosed in percent signs.
  • To represent alphanumeric and nonalphanumeric keys pressed simultaneously, enclose the letter or number and the keyboard code in percent signs.
  • Use the plus sign ‘+’ to separate keys in a macro.
  • Text strings are not separated from alphanumeric or nonalphanumeric keys by plus signs or other markers.
  • Macros cannot change the active screen element (i.e., macro elements cannot apply to separate boxes or dialogs).

 Text Strings to Create Macros

Circulation Text String
Bookings %ALT+g%u%b%
Checkout %ALT+g%u%d%h%
Checkin %ALT+g%u%c%
Clear Holdshelf %ALT+g%u%a%
Course Reserves %ALT+g%u%5%
Fines Paid %ALT+g%u%9%
High Demand Holds %ALT+g%u%o%
INN-Reach %ALT+g%u%i%
Merge Patron Records %ALT+g%u%g%
Notices %ALT+g%u%t%
Renew %ALT+g%u%n%
Search/Holds by Title %ALT+g%u%h%
Transfer Paged Items %ALT+g%u%8%
View Outstanding Holds %ALT+g%u%j%
Cataloging Text String
Catalog %ALT+g%c%g%
Delete Items %ALT+g%c%d%
Global Update %ALT+g%c%u%
Headings Reports %ALT+g%c%h%
URL Checker %ALT+g%c%k%
Serials Text String
Binding %ALT+g%s%n%
CheckinBound %ALT+g%s%i%
Claiming %ALT+g%s%g%
Routing %ALT+g%s%u%
SendClaims %ALT+g%s%a%
SerialsCheckin %ALT+g%s%k%
ToBindery %ALT+g%s%d%
Tools Text String Available In
Search %ALT+t%s% Cat & Circ
Browse Query %ALT+t%b% Cat & Circ
Limit %ALT+t%m% Cat & Circ
Notice History  %ALT+t%n% Circ
Admin>Parameters Text String
Days Closed %ALT+a%p%i%d%
Hours Open %ALT+a%p%i%o%
Loan Rule Determiner %ALT+a%p%i%u%
Loan Rules %ALT+a%p%i%r%
Statistical Group Maint. %ALT+a%p%i%i%
Branches %ALT+a%p%g%b%
Item Types %ALT+a%p%g%i%
Patron Blocks %ALT+a%p%g%n%
Patron Type %ALT+a%p%g%p%
Administration Text String
Global Update %ALT+g%c%u%
Delete Records %ALT+g%d%1%
Rapid Update %ALT+g%d%r%
Create Lists %ALT+g%d%l%
Data Exchange %ALT+g%d%d%
Statistics %ALT+g%d%t%
Web Master %ALT+g%d%b%
Web Options %ALT+g%d%w%