ARES Screenshots and Notes

Please check for any info that might be missing from the Ares records that they want included.


User Record in Docutek:   (defunct)
User Record in Ares:   (defunct)

– Expiration date will be added in during final import.
– Maine libraries to decide on whether to autosubscribe all faculty to emails. (It might be a good idea to do this, especially if faculty are not really going to be using the system at first. They can at least get updates about when items are available.) If anyone complains, you can then uncheck the box in that particular user’s record.
– Maine libraries to decide on User Groups (a.k.a. ‘Status’ in Ares) – remember, Status groups in Ares are not related to permissions. They are demographical groups to define your users – i.e. faculty, undergraduates, graduates, etc. Think about what would be useful for you if you would like to keep statistics.
– Maine libraries to decide if faculty users that are in Docutek should be cleared to use the Ares system.


Course Record in Docutek:  (defunct)
Course Record in Ares:  (defunct)

– Department will be added in during final import


Item-Serial Record in Docutek: (defunct)
Item-Serial Record in Ares:  (defunct)
Item-Monograph Record in Docutek:  (defunct)
Item-Monograph Record in Ares: (defunct)

– Journal Title will appear in the Title field
– Article Title will appear in the Additional Title field
– What does the ‘owner’ field mean in Docutek?
– Please expect post-import cleanup of processing and pickup locations for items and courses.