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Note: Other image icons are available, although vendor requirements and options vary. Text only links are also an option with most vendors.

System and state licensed databases that only have one profile will use the system or statewide level article linker open url account. UMS System resources will be presented with a screen asking which campus they are affiliated with so that they are transferred to the correct campus account.

360-Link and ILL

When the user cannot locate the desired full text document, the AL web page offers the option to place an interlibrary loan request with a campus library. If your library has implemented an Iliad system, the AL software can be profiled to automatically populate the ILL form. The user does not need to enter the citation manually. The User Manual describes how to set up Iliad with 360-Link.

360-Link and ILL Forms: 360


1-Click is a 360-Link option that will automatically forward user to the full-text article when more than one resource is available. This feature eliminates the page asking patron to choose a particular resource. For more information on this go to

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