Serials Solutions FAQs

1. How did the system office decide upon the list of system and statewide databases represented in the Mariner A-Z list?

System office staff researched each system and statewide database and considered the level of full text journal content available. Databases that already provided full text journal content without the member libraries having to subscribe to print and/or electronic IN ADDITION TO the system or statewide subscription were added to the list. Databases that are indexes, containing no full text content within themselves, and requiring individual libraries to subscribe to print or electronic access IN ADDITION TO the system or statewide subscription were not included. Once linking software is implemented system wide, the inclusion of these indexes will be re-evaluated.

2. What information goes into the proxy URL text box in my library’s client center?

It is

3. How will I know if there are updates or changes to the system and statewide Mariner A-Z list?

There is a new department division listing on Library support under Technical Services called Serials.  Look under this division to find a link to the most current list of systemwide and statewide databases included in Serials Solutions.  It will be up to individual libraries to reflect these changes in their library’s client center.

4. I just found a great open access electronic journal.  How can I tell others about it?

On Library Support, under Technical Services, Serials, libraries can recommend open access electronic journals for other libraries to try.  If enough libraries include it in their client centers, the System Office will consider it for inclusion in the systemwide client center and Mariner.  The System Office is currently working on an interface for libraries to submit these suggestions online.  When this interface is ready, you will be notified.

5. What is being done about electronic journals that go by one name in the Serials Solutions A-Z list, and another in Indexes and Databases?

In the past, several electronic journals have been listed under one title in Mariner, and another in Serials Solutions. Serials Solutions has been notified of these conflicts, and has adjusted titles in their Client Center when sufficient supporting evidence for the change is provided.

6. What is a report and what do I do with it? 

A report is the old way Serials Solutions used to provide title level information for a library’s A-Z list.  It is a snapshot, offered in a variety of formats, of a library’s complete title list at a given point in time.  Libraries used to generate a report and upload to a webserver of their choice to create their own A-Z list.  Because SS has developed the E-Journal portal, there is really no need for a library to generate a report.  Libraries may request them if they wish, but the generation of a report (or not) has no bearing on the status of titles in a library’s A-Z list.

7. I subscribe to many titles through EBSCOHost EJS.  However, I also see the individual publishers for these titles listed as separate entries under Add/Remove Databases in my client center.  I have edited my EJS title list and sent it off to Serials Solutions.  Do I need to check off the individual publishers as well as the entries in EJS? 

The beauty of Serials Solutions is the ability to provide to the patron one snapshot of the extent of electronic journal title access.  You should absolutely check off the individual publisher listings as well as the titles listed in EJS.  Very often publisher archives go back further than EJS licensed content.

8. What is the difference between and Ingenta Select?

Follow this link to read about the differences.

9. What is the difference between IEEE Xplore and IEEE ASPP?

Follow this link to read about the differences.

10. Under Edit URLs, I see prepopulated URLs in the Statewide Gale databases (Business and company resource center, Contemporary Women’s Issues, Literature Resource Center).  Are these URLs the correct?


11. Why aren’t all free access journals in Mariner?

The Systems Office has been alerted that the following free access journal databases should be added to Mariner.  These titles are:



Making of America Journals (Cornell)

Making of American Journals (Michigan)

12. If prior registration with the publisher is required to facilitate electronic access, does that need to be done before I can expect the links to these resources in my client center to work?


13. What’s so important about the 5th of each month?

The 5th of each month is the cutoff date for Marc record generation from the Client Centers. Soon after this date each month, Marc records for URSUS are generated based upon your Client Center settings. Any changes made to your Client Center after the 5th of the month will be reflected in the next URSUS Marc record update.

Example 1: Changes made to my client center on June 4th, reflected in the June 15th Serials Solutions Marc record load.

Example 2: Changes made to my client center on June 6th, reflected in the July 15th Serials Solutions Marc record load.

14. What is going on with Web Editions?

It is now the responsibility of the individual library to further manage their Web Editions Collections. Libraries have been notified that the Web Editions configuration process is complete.

15. I understand there is a new Material type for electronic serials.  What is it, and how does it scope?

Serials Solutions Marc records bear a new material type, Mat type 7, Electronic Serials.  Patrons should expect to see your library’s electronic journals appear in your library’s individual scopes.  Patrons can now limit searches by material type Electronic Serial,  and search systemwide for electronic serials under the “Electonic Resources” and “Journals and Newspapers scopes.”

16. I do not like the URLs that are being used for EBSCOHost databases.  These links bring the patron to a generic database list.  Where can I get URLs that point at specific database pages?

The Systems Office has tested and posted database specific URLs on the current system and statewide database list.  Please refer to that list for more details.

17. Library Data Customization:

Serials Solutions has introduced more flexibility in the editing of ejournal portal web pages. In addition, they have slightly changed their interface for adding and removing databases. Please visit the LDC Help link under the Client Center tab in your Client center for tutorials and more information.

18.  What is the startingbib number for Serials Solutions records?

It is .b36849066