Changing the Printer Type on a Notice

To change an existing notice from Local Printer to Email Printer or vice-versa:

  1. Go to Notices in the function menu
  2. Highlight the notice job.
  3. Select the Edit icon.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Choose the Form Printer.
  6. If you choose Local Printer, select a printer from the Name drop-down menu. If you choose Email Printer, enter an email address and note (optional).
  7. The Job Name prompt will appear. Change the name if need be or just click OK.
  8. Select the Close icon when done.

By clicking any of the printers (Local Printer or the E-mail Printer), the system will send any notice directly to a patron if the account has a valid email address. However, if the account does not have an email address, the notice will be sent to the local printer or staff email address you chose when setting up the job.