Hardware Recommendations

The workstation recommendations listed here are neither “optimum” nor “minimum” requirements. These recommendations are intended to guide a typical library in realistic workstation selection, and describe a reasonably modern workstation that libraries using a typical three year or four year replacement cycle will already own.

The recommendations also allow for the continued use of older workstations. Sierra applications can work on slower processors than those listed in the system recommendations section; however, staff can expect reduced performance and may be unable to operate other applications while using Sierra.

Processor An Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Xeon, Core or similar processor running at 3 Ghz or faster (2 Ghz or faster for the Core 2 Duo), or an equivalent processor such as the AMD Athlon 64, Opteron 64, or Turion processors with comparable performance.Note: Sierra applications can work on slower processors, but performance will be affected.
RAM 1 GB (recommended)
Note: If you plan to run other applications on the workstation in addition to Sierra, you should consider adding additional RAM for optimal performance. Newer operating system versions such as Windows Vista require more memory then earlier versions such as Windows XP, so your library should consider additional memory when using newer operating system versions.
Free disk space 500 MB (recommended)
Sound card For audible system warnings and notices
Peripherals A mouse or other pointing device
Resolution 800 x 600 or better (1024 x 768 or better recommended for Sierra Acquisitions displays)
Browsers Innovative recommends using a modern browser capable of supporting current Web standards.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows Windows ® 2000 (service pack 2 or later), Windows ® ME, Windows ® XP, Windows ® Vista (Business or Home), or Windows ® 7 (all editions)
Linux Linux
Mac 64-bit, Intel-based (Core 2 Duo) with Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), or OS X Lion. Workstations on 10.5.2 or later will need to download the Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 1 or higher, as appropriate.

Network Access

Sierra workstations require network access to your Sierra server.

With average sized patron records, one Sierra Circulation requires a minimum of 10 KBPS to process one transaction every second. Thus, a dedicated 56 KBPS line can handle no more than five Sierra Circulation stations. This is a good rule of thumb for the other Sierra applications as well.