Support – Related Services

These services are not managed by Maine InfoNet, but are often used in conjunction with our services.

The Maine School and Library Network(MSLN) provides internet access, email, web hosting, and other internet related services to almost 1000 schools and libraries across the state of Maine.

  • For support from MSLN (Maine School and Library Network) for your website, email and internet connections, please go to:
    MSLN Support
  • Sign up for MSLN’s Twitter Feed for MSLN Network Status Updates: This Twitter feed is actually handier than the Network Status box on the MSLN webpage since with Twitter you can get the notification sent directly to your cell phone via SMS text message.  That way if the internet is experiencing problems and we are not able to update that page or you’re not able to get to it, you can still keep up on what is happening.
  • On-Site Support Technician for MSLN: On-Site Support Technician (former MSLN Circuit Rider) The On-Site Support Technician provides on-site assistance to resolve local technical problems that preclude the fullest possible utilization of the connectivity and services provided through the Maine School and Library Network (MSLN) Project. For web support please go to MSLN.
  • To get On-Site Support you must first contact the Help Desk at 1-888-FOR-MSLN (1-888-367-6756) or

Maine Libraries Email Lists
To join an email list, please visit:
Listservs for Maine Librarians

Statewide Library Van Delivery Service
For questions about the Maine Van Delivery Service available to libraries in the state, please visit:
Van Delivery Service Information