Scoped Links

How To Create a Scoped Link

Most Minerva libraries have requested that OPAC searches retrieve, by default, only those items in the database that are within the library’s location scope. The user may change the default scope from within the OPAC browse screen. There are choices for each library in Minerva, as well as All Libraries. Clicking the Start Over button takes the user back to the first search screen and resets the current scope to its default value — the local library only in most cases.

Nearly the same effect can be created for web users located outside your library. This is particularly desirable where you wish users who have found your library home page to be able to link to the catalog and see, by default, only your holdings. The key lies in using the correct syntax for creating a scoped link.

While most libraries will want to create a scoped link to only their library’s collection, this same procedure can be used to create a scoped link to one of the subject options that appear at the top of the “Select Library” drop-down list in the OPAC. They are included in the list below, in the number range 63-70. Children’s Collection’s scope number is also listed for those libraries that have a separate children’s scope.

Here’s How
Look for your library’s name or subject collection in the list of library scopes presented on the browse screen within the OPAC, or in the list below. Note the number of its position in the list. For example, for Machias Memorial High School the number is “28”; thus a general scoped link for that library would be: “”. Note that the “S” must be in upper case.

66 Audio Books
118 Print Books Only
67 Electronic Resource
63 Health Sciences Collections
68 Large Print
69 Movies/Video
70 Recorded Music
65 Children’s Collections
2 Auburn Public Library
72 – Auburn Children’s Collection
3 Augusta Schools
104 – ASD Cony Middle and High School
110 – ASD Elementary Schools
106 – ASD Farrington
108 – ASD Gilbert
107 – ASD Hussey
109 – ASD Lincoln
4 Bailey Public Library
111 – Bailey Children’s Collection
47 Bangor Theological Seminary
5 Baxter Memorial Library
74 – Baxter Children’s Collection
6 Belfast Free Library
73 – Belfast Children’s Collection
8 Boothbay Harbor Public Library
9 Calais Free Library
50 Camden Public Library
112 – Camden Children’s Collection
10 Central Maine Community College
11 Curtis Memorial Library
75 – Curtis Children’s Collection
13 Eastern Maine Community College
12 Eastern Maine Medical Center
14 Edythe Dyer Library
15 Falmouth Memorial Library
76 – Falmouth Children’s Collection
49 Gardiner Public Library
45 Gray Public Library
77 – Gray Children’s Collection
52 Hobbs Memorial Library
78 – Hobbs Children’s Collection
16 Husson University
17 Jesup Memorial Library
79 – Jesup Children’s Collection
1 Kaplan University Maine
18 Kennebec Valley Community College
19 Lewiston Public Library
81 – Lewiston Children’s Collection
20 Lithgow Public Library
80 – Lithgow Children’s Collection
53 Ludden Memorial Library
82 – Ludden Children’s Collection
23 Maine General Medical Center
24 Maine Historical Society
25 Maine State Library Outreach
21 McArthur Public Library
113 – McArthur Youth Collection
27 Northern Maine Community College
28 Norway Memorial Library
83 – Norway Children’s Collection
51 Old Town Public Library
85 – Old Town Children’s Collection
60 Orono Public Library
84 – Orono Children’s Collection
29 Patten Free Library
86 – Patten Children’s Collection
58 Pittsfield Public Library
87 – Pittsfield Children’s Collection
59 Rice Public Library
88 – Rice Children’s Collection
30 Rockland Public Library
31 Rockport Public Library
89 – Rockport Children’s Collection
32 Rumford Public Library
90 – Rumford Children’s Collection
91 Scarborough Public Library
103 – Scarborough Children’s Collection
34 Skidompha Public Library
35 South Portland Public Library
93 – So. Portland Children’s Collection
36 Southern Maine Community College
115 – Southern Maine Community College Brunswick
55 Southwest Harbor Public Library
33 St. Joseph’s College
92 – St. Joseph’s Children’s Collection
37 Thomas College Library
38 Thomas Memorial Library
94 – Thomas Memorial Children’s Collection
39 Topsham Public Library
95 – Topsham Children’s Collection
96 Unity College
97 – Unity Children’s Collection
48 Upper Kennebec Valley Schools
98 Walker Memorial Library
99 – Walker Children’s Collection
40 Washington County Community College
41 Waterville Public Library
102 – Waterville Children’s Collection
56 Wells Public Library
101 – Wells Children’s Collection
26 Witherle Memorial Library
43 York County Community College
44 York Public Library
116 – York Public Children’s Collection
62 York Schools

You can also create on your web page(s) a link to a particular record in the catalog using this format, where the “b” number is the bibliographic record number:

If you wish to offer multiple links leading to a particular type of search, add “/” and the letter that refers to that type of search, e.g., “a” for author:

Values that can be used in this manner:
a = author
c = LC call number
d = subject
e = Dewey call number
p = Course Reserves (professor/TA)
q = author/title
r = Course Reserves (course name)
t = title
X = advanced keyword search (upper case X)
Y = simple keyword search (upper case Y)

If the user clicks on the Another Search button, the system retains the scope for the next search. Pressing the Start Over button, however, causes the system to revert to the All Libraries scope.
More detailed information can be found at the Linking to the Web OPAC Using Persistent URLs FAQ at the CSDIRECT web site.