Cover Image Problems

The Minerva opac is connected to Content Cafe from Baker & Taylor to provide supplementary info about holdings in our collection, including cover images, summaries, and reviews.

The matching between bib records and Content Cafe is based on ISBN.

You can check which ISBN the Content Cafe information is using by clicking on the cover image. The book title and ISBN are listed at the top of the information page.

If you find something with incorrect Content Cafe content matched to a bib record, check that the ISBN in the bib record is correct.  If the ISBN in the bib record doesn’t match the item in your hand, fix it.  After correcting the ISBN in the bib record and saving, the correction will be immediate (so long as you refresh the page).

If the ISBN is correct and the wrong cover is showing, submit a ticket to InfoNet Support. Let us know in the ticket that you’ve checked and the correct isbn is in the record so we don’t do it over!  We will get in touch with Baker & Taylor to correct it.