How to overlay in Millennium

Overlaying is the process of importing a new bib record from one of the remote databases, and actually applying it to a bib record that is already in the Minerva catalog.

Overlay if you find that a bib record in the catalog is missing important information or is otherwise incomplete, and you are not able or willing to actually insert that information manually. Catalogers frequently overlay when they find that the records are missing subject headings, physical information, OCLC numbers, etc. When you overlay, the data in the existing record will be completely replaced by the data in the new record.

If you are sure that your item is exactly the same as the one in Minerva, you can and should overlay the existing record with a better one imported from a z39.5 database. By doing this you and the other library will be attached to a better record and you will not create a duplicate.


1) have both the Minerva record and the one you are importing open on your screen. Do not save the new z39.5 record yet.

2) go to the “windows” tab and select “tile vertically”

3) edit your remote record as needed, and remember to verify the material type in the fixed fields. Change the location from zzzzz to your own library’s 3 letter code.

4) If the existing record has a different ISBN, or any special local notes or subject headings, remember to copy these and paste them into the remote record before overlaying. Be sure to copy 545 Maine author notes, 791 fields and Accelerated Reader and Lexile ranks if they are present. MESH headings have 2nd indicator 2 and should be retained. Be sure to do this before saving.

5) When you are sure that the new record has been prepared completely, go to “edit”, select “overlay”, and select the exact bib number of the existing record. The overlay will be completed, then “save”.