Conflict Resolution

Below are steps to follow when, in the course of library events, it becomes necessary  for one library to address a problem with another library.

These steps are not Minerva policy with a capital P. Instead, they are a recommended Best Practice, suggested as the simplest and happiest way toward resolving a conflict.

As Minerva libraries, we all do our best (yes, we really do!), but disagreements and misunderstandings happen.

Below is a path to follow (in numerical order) in such instances. –Steve Norman, Chair of the Minerva Board

  1. Address at staff level (library to library)
  2. Address at director level (director to director)
  3. Ask for guidance or assistance from the appropriate Minerva committee (Cataloging Standards Committee, Circulation Standards Committee, and so on)
  4. Contact Chair of the Minerva Executive Board
  5. Action of the Minerva Executive Board


updated 3/23/2015