Create Lists

Conventions for use of Review Files:

  • Please use the smallest slot that will suffice for your list. If you don’t know before hand how large a list will be, Create it using a large slot, then Copy it to a smaller slot, then Empty the original file.
  • Always include the following elements in the name of the review file: library abbreviation, the date of list creation and a brief descriptive phrase to identify your review file. It often helps to include an indication of record type. Examples: “rpl new fict bibs 11/30/02″, “edl items to get location of edlrf 5/2/02″.
  • Delete review files you have created as soon as they are no longer needed. Never delete review files created by another library.
  • Do not “take ownership” of file slots or files. All slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any Minerva site. There is only one exception to this rule. Libraries should take ownership of their Featured Lists to prevent accidental moving or deleting of the list.
  • If you need a particularly large slot and it is in use by someone else, feel free to ask the library involved whether and when the slot can be freed up.
  • The system administrators may delete without notice any files older than 35 days, files lacking a library abbreviation, lacking a date, or if room is needed. If you will need a review file longer than 35 days, use the Rename function to insert a more recent date.
  • The system administrator may move review files to smaller slots from time to time, and without notice. The review file name will be preserved, though a move date may be appended.