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All MaineCat Circulation and System Contacts

This page identifies staff who manage MaineCat Statewide Catalog requesting and lending transactions. Please send corrections and additions to Maine InfoNet, and mention that the changes pertain to the MaineCat Contacts page.

Consult the Maine Barcode Symbol Registry for a listing of the current barcode prefixes registered to libraries across the state.

Consult the Van Delivery Page for the schedule for each of these libraries.

Check the alphabetical listing of all libraries below the map, or filter the map by system (URSUS, Minerva, Solar, or Independent affiliates).

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Albert F. Totman Public Library tot - ARRC Bridge Library

28 Parker Head Road Phippsburg, ME 04562

System coordinator:  
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Michele Morong 207-389-2309
Cataloging Contact(s):

Auburn Public Library apl - Minerva

49 Spring Street Auburn, ME 04210

System coordinator: Brian Usher 207-333-6640
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Sylvie Martin 207-333-6640
Cataloging Contact(s): Suzanne Sullivan 207-333-6640 ext.2003

Augusta Schools asc / asb/ asf / asl / asu - Minerva

16 Sunset Avenue Augusta, ME 04330

Sys. coord: Elizabeth Soares 626-2460 x3345
ILL/Circ Contact: Elizabeth Soares626-2460 x3345; Cony HS Library: Liz Soares 626-2460 x3345 60 Pierce Dr., Augusta 04330; Farrington ES: Nancy Dowling 626-2480 x3584 249 Eastern Ave., Augusta 04330; Gilbert ES: Kelley Drisko 626-2491 x3654 16 Sunset Ave., Augusta 04330; Hussey ES: Cindy Reppucci 626-2461 x3858 12 Gedney St., Augusta 04330; Lincoln ES: Brenda Pridham 626-2483 x3954 30 Lincoln St., Augusta 04330
Cat. Contact: Elizabeth Soares 626-2460 x3345

Bailey Public Library bai - Minerva

39 Bowdoin St., Winthrop, ME 04364

System coordinator: Richard Fortin 207-377-8673
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Shane Billings or 207-377-8673
Cataloging Contact(s): Nancy Meservier 207-377-8673

Bangor Public Library URSUS

145 Harlow Street Bangor, ME 04401-4900

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Barbara Higgins 207-947-8336
Cataloging Contact(s): Patrick Layne

Bates College - Lewiston bat

48 Campus Avenue Lewiston, ME 04240-6087

System coordinator: Sharon Saunders
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Jane Boyle, 786-8322 Julie Retelle, 786-6265
Cataloging Contact(s):

Baxter Memorial Library bml - Minerva

71 South Street Gorham, ME 04038

System coordinator: Deb Buker 207-222-1190
James Rathbun (Rep)
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Julia Hoisington 207-222-1190
Cataloging Contact(s): Deb Buker 207-222-1190

Belfast Free Library bfl - Minerva

106 High Street Belfast, ME 04915

System coordinator: Steve Norman (Rep) 207-338-3884
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Vicky DePersiis Vona 207-338-3884
Cataloging Contact(s): Vicky DePersiis Vona 207-338-3884

Berwick Public Library ber - MILS

PO Box 838, Berwick, ME 03901

System coordinator: Sharon Kelly 207-698-5737

Blue Hill Library - ARRC Bridge Library

5 Parker Point Road Blue Hil, ME 04614

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Hannah Cyrus 374-5515 x.11
Cataloging Contact(s):

Boothbay Memorial Library bbh - Minerva

4 Oak Street Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

System coordinator: Joanna Breen (Rep) 207-633-3112
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Meg Donaldson 207-633-3112
Cataloging Contact(s): Joanna Breen 207-633-3112

Bowdoin College - Brunswick bow

3000 College Station Brunswick, ME 04011-8421

System coordinator: Karl Fattig - 207-725-3027 -
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Jaime Jones - 207-798-4109 -
Cataloging Contact(s): Mary Macul - 207-725-3868 -

Calais Free Library cfl - Minerva

9 Union Street Calais, ME 04619-1898

System coordinator: Kathleen Staples 207-454-2758
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Kathleen Staples 207-454-2758
Cataloging Contact(s): Kathleen Staples 207-454-2758

Camden Public Library cam - Minerva

55 Main Street Camden, ME 04843

System coordinator: Nikki Maounis (Rep) 207-236-3440
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lynne Annis 207-236-3440
Cataloging Contact(s): Marie Stickney 207-236-3440

Central Maine Community College tcc - Minerva

1250 Turner Street Auburn, ME 04210-6498

System coordinator: Judi Moreno 755-5265
Cataloging/Circulation contact: Judi Moreno 755-5265
Interlibrary Loans/Circulation: Brianna Doyle 755-5266

Colby College - Waterville cby

5125 Mayflower Hill Waterville, ME 04901-4799

System coordinator: Michael McGuire 207-859-5161
Eileen Fredette Richards 859-5118
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Gabe Stowe 859-5125
Cataloging Contact(s):

College of the Atlantic - ARRC Bridge Library

109 Eden Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1198

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Trisha Cantwell Keene 207-801-5661
Cataloging Contact(s):

Cumston Public Library - ARRC Bridge Library

796 Main Streetbr />PO Box 239 Monmouth, ME 04259

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Julie Sawtelle 207-933-4788
Cataloging Contact(s):

Curtis Memorial Library cml - Minerva

23 Pleasant Street Brunswick, ME 04011-2295

System coordinator: Marian Dalton 207-725-5242 x232
Elisabeth Doucett (Rep) 207-725-5242 x211
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Vicki Stevens 207-725-5242
Cataloging Contact(s): Carol Lord 207-725-5242 x221

D. A. Hurd Library dah - MILS

41 High Street, North Berwick, ME 03906

System coordinator: Beth Sweet 207-676-2215

Eastern Maine Community College tce - Minerva

354 Hogan Road Bangor, ME 04401-4280

System coordinator: Janet Elvidge (Rep) 207-974-4606
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Cynthia Young 207-974-4640
Cataloging Contact(s): Cynthia Young 207-974-4606

Eastern Maine Medical Center Parrot Health Science Library emm - Minerva

PO Box 404 Bangor, ME 04402

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Linda Kerecman 973-8236
Cataloging Contact(s): Pat Bishop 207-973-8232

Edythe Dyer Public Library edl - Minerva

269 Main Road North Hampden, ME 04444-9999

System coordinator: Debbie Lozito (Rep) 207-862-3550
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Susan Taylor 207-862-3550
Cataloging Contact(s): Debbie Lozito 862-3550

Ellsworth Public Library - ARRC Bridge Library

20 State Street Ellsworth, ME 04605

System coordinator: Amy Wisehart - 207-667-6363
ILL/Circ Contact(s): James Higgins - or 207-667-6363
Cataloging Contact(s): Charlene Fox Clemons - 207-667-6363

Falmouth Memorial Library fml - Minerva

5 Lunt Road Falmouth, ME 04105-1292

System coordinator: Andi Jackson Darling 207-781-2351
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
ILL: Dave Billings 207-781-2351
Circ: Dave Billings 207-781-2351
Cataloging Contact(s): Ellen Conway 207-781-2351

Freeport Community Library fre - Minerva

10 Library Drive Freeport, ME 04032

System coordinator: Arlene Arris (207) 865-3307
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
ILL: Joanne Libby (207) 865-3307
Circ: Arlene Arris (207) 865-3307
Cataloging Contact(s): Robin Lowell (Adult & AV) (207) 865-3307; Mary Lehmer (J & YA) (207) 865-3307

Gardiner Public Library gar - Minerva

152 Water Street Gardiner, ME 04345

System coordinator: Anne Davis (Rep) 207-582-3312
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Ann Russell 207-582-3312
Cataloging Contact(s): Scott Handville 207-582-3312

Gray Public Library gpl - Minerva

5 Hancock Street Gray, ME 04039-1319

System coordinator: Joshua Tiffany 207-657-4110
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Darcel Devou 207-657-4110
Cataloging Contact(s): Joshua Tiffany 207-657-4110

Hartland Public Library har - ARRC Bridge Library

16 Mill Street Hartland, ME 04943

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Nicholas Berry 207-938-4702
Cataloging Contact(s):

Hobbs Memorial Library hob - Minerva

P.O. Box 105 Lovell, ME 04051-0105

System coordinator: Anna Romer (Rep) 207-925-3177
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Anna Romer 207-925-3177
Cataloging Contact(s): Anna Romer 207-925-3177

Husson University hus - Minerva

1 College Circle Bangor, ME 04401-2999

System coordinator: Susanna Pathak (Rep) 207-941-7187
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Diane Hanscom 207-941-7188
Cataloging Contact(s): Diane Hanscom 207-941-7188

Jesup Memorial Library jml - Minerva

34 Mount Desert Street Bar Harbor, ME 04609-1727

System coordinator: Ruth A. Eveland (Rep) 207-288-4245
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Laura Edwards 207-288-4245
Cataloging Contact(s): Kathy Woodside 207-288-4245

Kennebec Valley Community College kvc - MILS

92 Western Avenue Fairfield, ME 04937-1367

System coordinator: Stephen LaRochelle (Rep) 207-453-5004
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Barbara Bartley 207-453-5195
Cataloging Contact(s): Barbara Bartley 207-453-5195

Kennebunk Free Library kbk - Minerva

112 Main Street Kennebunk, ME 04043

System coordinator: Jill LeMay, Director (Rep) 207-985-2173
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Allison Atkins, Circulation Services Manager 207-985-2173
Cataloging Contact(s): Kate Jacobs, Cataloger & Technical Services Librarian 207-985-2173

Lewiston Public Library lpl - Minerva

200 Lisbon Street Lewiston, ME 04240-7292

System coordinator: Rick Speer, Director (Rep) 207-513-3119
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Alex Klutzke (Lending Services Library Technician), 207-513-3004 ext. 3505
or Irene Landry 207-513-3134 ext. 3512
Cataloging Contact(s): Karen Jones 207-513-3004, ext. 3511

Lisbon Library lbn - - MILS

28 Main St Lisbon Falls, ME 04252

System coordinator: Diane Nadeau, Director 207-353-6564
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Anita Marenius 207-353-6564
Cataloging Contact(s):

Lithgow Public Library lit - Minerva

45 Winthrop Street AugustA, ME 04330-5599

System coordinator:
Elizabeth Pohl (Rep) 207-626-2415
System contact: Wynter Giddings
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Brenda Peaslee 207-626-2415
Cataloging Contact(s): Wynter Giddings 207-626-2415

Lubec Memorial Library lub - ARRC Bridge Library

55 Water Street Lubec, ME 04652-1122

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): (207) 733-2491
Cataloging Contact(s):

Ludden Memorial Library lud - Minerva

40 Main Street P.O. Box 805 Dixfield, ME 04224-0805

System coordinator: Margaret Malley (Rep) 207-562-8838
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Margaret Malley (Rep) 207-562-8838
Cataloging Contact(s): Margaret Malley 207-562-8838

Maine College of Art art - Minerva

522 Congress Street Portland, ME 04101-3301

System coordinator: Shiva Darbandi 207-775-5153
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Cataloging Contact(s):

MaineGeneral Medical Center Library And Resources Center mga - Minerva

35 Medical Center Parkway Augusta, Me 04330

System coordinator: Cora Damon 872-1224
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Kitty Dawson 626-1325
Cataloging Contact(s): Cora Damon 872-1224

Maine Historical Society mhs - Minerva

485 Congress Street Portland, ME 04101-3498

System coordinator: Nancy Noble 207-774-1822
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Nancy Noble (Rep) 207-774-1822 Does not circulate or lend collections
Cataloging Contact(s): Nancy Noble 207-774-1822

Maine Maritime Academy - Castine mmac

Box C-1 Castine, ME 04420

System coordinator: Wendy Girven 207-326-2260
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lauren Blanchard 207-326-2263
Cataloging Contact(s): Sarah Danser 207-326-2262

Maine Maritime Museum Library mar - SOLAR

243 Washington Street Bath, ME 04530

System coordinator: Nathan Lipfert 207-443-1316 ext 328
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Reference Only Collection
Cataloging Contact(s): Mary Gibson 207-443-1316 ext. 336

Maine Medical Center Library mmc - MILS

22 Bramhall Street Portland, ME 04102

System coordinator: Dina McKelvy (Rep) 207-662-2202

Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library URSUS

SHS 43 Augusta, ME 04333-0043

System coordinator: Elaine Apostola 207-287-1602
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Elaine Apostola 207-287-1602
Cataloging Contact(s): Elaine Apostola 207-287-1602

Maine State Library Outreach - URSUS

64 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0064

System coordinator: Chris Boynton (Rep) 207-287-5653
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Jim Roy 207-287-5652
Cataloging Contact(s): Jim Roy 207-287-5652

Maine State Library URSUS

64 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0064

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Amy Cummings 207-287-5641
Cataloging Contact(s):

McArthur Public Library mca - Minerva

PO Box 346 Biddeford, ME 04005

System coordinator: Jeff Cabral (Rep) 207-284-4181
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Jackie McCann 207-284-4181
Cataloging Contact(s): Sharon Mrowka 207-284-4181

Millinocket Memorial Library mml - ARRC Bridge Library

5 Maine Avenue Millinocket, ME 04462-1494

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): John McManus 207-723-7020
Cataloging Contact(s):

Newport Public Library new - ARRC Bridge Library

145 Main Street Newport, ME 04953

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lee McCartin 207-368-5074
Cataloging Contact(s):

Northeast Harbor Library neh - ARRC Bridge Library

1 Joy Rd. Northeast Harbor, ME 04662

System coordinator: Elly Andrews, library director (207) 276-3333
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Cataloging Contact(s): Caroline Childress and Hannah Stevens

Northern Maine Community College tcn - Minerva

33 Edgemont Drive Presque Isle, ME 04769-2016

System coordinator: Gail Roy (Rep) ngroy@nmcc 207-768-2734
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Kim Ferguson 207-768-2735
Cataloging Contact(s): Kim Ferguson 207-768-2735

Norway Memorial Library nor - Minerva

258 Main Street Norway, ME 04268-1418

System coordinator: Beth Kane (Rep) 207-743-5309 ext. 2
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Circ: Nancy Brown 207-743-5309 ext. 3
ILL: Alana DePerte 207-743-5309 ext.1
Cataloging Contact(s): Katherine R. Morgan 207-743-5309

Old Town Public Library otp - Minerva

46 Middle Street Old Town, ME 04468

System coordinator: Cynthia Jennings (Rep) 207-827-3972
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Circ - Cassandra Pool 207-827-3972
ILL - Samantha Ryan 207-827-3972
Cataloging Contact(s): Cassandra Pool 207-827-3972

Orono Public Library opl - Minerva

39 Pine St Orono, ME 04473

System coordinator: Joyce Wiebe 207-866-5060 &
Laurie Carpenter (Rep) 207-866-5060
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Joyce Wiebe 207-866-5060
Cataloging Contact(s): Joyce Wiebe 207-866-5060

Paris Public Library par - MILS

37 Market Square South Paris, ME 04281

System coordinator: Mike Dignan (Rep) 207-743-6994

Patten Free Library pfl - Minerva

33 Summer Street Bath, ME 04530

System coordinator: Lesley Dolinger (Rep) 207-443-5141
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
ILL Contact: Mary Ellen Wilson 207-443-5141 x24
Circulation Contact: Leslie Mortimer 207-443-5141 x25
Cataloging Contact(s): Deborah Tomaras 207-443-5141 x 14

Penobscot Bay Medical Center Library pbm - SOLAR

6 Glen Cove Drive Rockport, ME 04856-4240

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Patricia Kahn 207-596-8456
Cataloging Contact(s):

Penobscot Marine Museum pmm - SOLAR

5 Church Street PO Box 498 Searsport, ME 04974

System coordinator: 207-548-2529 x212
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Reference Only Collection
Cataloging Contact(s):

Pittsfield Public Library pit - Minerva

110 Library Street Pittsfield, ME 04967-1520

System coordinator: Lyn Smith (Rep) 207-487-5880
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Holly Williams, 207-487-5880
Cataloging Contact(s): Holly Williams, 207-487-5880

Portland Public Library port

5 Monument Square Portland, ME 04101-4072

System coordinator: Kathleen Spahn 207-871-1700 x709
Circ contact: Kathleen Spahn 207-871-1700 x709
ILL Contact: Beth Wulleman 207-871-1700 x735
Cataloging Contact(s): Gabrielle Daniello 207-871-1700 x750

Rice Public Library ric - Minerva

8 Wentworth Street Kittery, ME 03904-1799

System coordinator: Lee Perkins (Rep) 207-439-1553
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Katie Lyons 207-439-1553
Cataloging Contact(s): Greta Evans 207-439-1553

Ricker Memorial Library (A. B. Ricker Memorial) abr - MILS

1211 Maine Street Poland, ME 04274-7328

System coordinator: Joanne Messer 207-998-4390
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Cataloging Contact(s):

Rockland Public Library rkd - Minerva

80 Union Street Rockland, ME 04841

System coordinator: Amy Levine (Rep) 207-594-0310
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Patty King 207-594-0310
Cataloging Contact(s): Teresa Verrill

Rockport Public Library roc - Minerva

485 Commercial Street PO Box 8 Rockport, ME 04856-0008

System coordinator: Ben Blackmon (Rep) 207-236-3642
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Laura Meservey 207-236-3642
Cataloging Contact(s): Laura Meservey, 207-236-3642

Rumford Public Library rpl - Minerva

56 Rumford Avenue Rumford, ME 04276-1998

System coordinator: Tamara Butler (Rep) 207-364-3661
ILL/Circ Contact(s):
Circ: Christy Bates 207-364-3661
ILL: Mary Ann Fournier 207-364-3661
Cataloging Contact(s): Tamara Butler 207-364-3661

Scarborough Public Library sca - Minerva

48 Gorham Road Scarborough, ME 04074-9501

System coordinator: Tom Corbett 207-396-6271 &
Nancy Crowell (Rep) 207-883-4723 x6266
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Mike Windsor, Head of Circulation 207-883-4723 x6268
Cataloging Contact(s): Denise Menard 207-883-4723 x6274

Skidompha Public Library ski - Minerva

184 Main Street PO Box 70 Damariscotta, ME 04543

System coordinator: Pam Gormley (Rep) 207-563-5513
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Denise Rankin 207-563-5513
Cataloging Contact(s): Jessie Trafton 207-563-5513

Skowhegan Free Public Library sko - ARRC Bridge Library

9 Elm Street Skowhegan, ME 04976

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Dale Jandreau 207-474-9072
Cataloging Contact(s):

South Berwick Public Library sbr - MILS

27 Young Street, South Berwick, ME 03908

System coordinator: Karen Eger 207-384-3308

South Portland Public Library spp/spm/spb - Minerva

482 Broadway South Portland, ME 04106-3799

System coordinator: Susan Samberg 207-767-7660 Kevin Davis (Rep) 207-767-7660
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Susan Samberg 207-767-7660
Cataloging Contact(s): Tyla Schaefer 207-767-7660, ext. 6

Southern Maine Community College tcs - Minerva

2 Fort Road South Portland, ME 04106-1698

System coordinator: Carin Dunay 207-741-5784 Mark Lawrence (Rep) 207-741-5545
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Joanne Langermann 207-741-5818
Cataloging Contact(s): Carin Dunay 207-741-5784

Southern Maine Medical Center Health Sciences Library smm - SOLAR

PO Box 626Biddeford, ME 04005-0626

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Susan A. Bloomfield 207-283-7289
Cataloging Contact(s):

Southwest Harbor Public Library swh - Minerva

338 Main Street Southwest Harbor, ME 04679-0157

System coordinator: Candy Emlen (Rep) 207-244-7065
ILL/Circ Contact(s):Mary Anne Mead 207-244-7065
Cataloging Contact(s): Candy Emlen 207-244-7065

St. Josephs College sjc - Minerva

278 Whites Bridge Road Standish, ME 04084-5263

System coordinator: Shelly Davis (Rep) 207-893-7726
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Charles Prinn 207-893-7725
Cataloging Contact(s): Daria Rosen 207-893-7728

Thomas College tho - Minerva

180 River Road Waterville, ME 04901-5097

System coordinator: Lisa Auriemma (Rep) 207-859-1233
ILL/Circ Contact(s): David O. Smith 207-859-1235
Cataloging Contact(s): David O. Smith 207-859-1235

Thomas Memorial Library tml - Minerva

6 Scott Dyer Road Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107-2499

System coordinator: Kyle Neugebauer 207-799-1720
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Andrew Ryer 207- 799-1720
Cataloging Contact(s): Jenny Vezina 207-799-1720

Topsham Public Library tpl - Minerva

25 Foreside Road Topsham, ME 04086

System coordinator: Cyndi Burne 207-725-1727 Susan Preece (Rep )207 725-1727
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lynne Morgan or Julie McDuff 207-725-1727
Cataloging Contact(s): Helen Tomer 207-725-1727

Treat Memorial Library tre - ARRC Bridge Library

56 Main Street Livermore Falls, ME 04254-1529

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Myra Rosenbaum 207-897-3631
Cataloging Contact(s):


Belfast Hall 85 Texas Avenue Bangor, ME 04401

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Ben Treat 207-262-7900
Cataloging Contact(s):

Unity College - Dorothy Quimby Library uni - Minerva

90 Quaker Hill Road PO Box 167 Unity, ME 04988-0167

System coordinator: Kate Russell 207-509-7176
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lisa Nason 207-509-7128
Cataloging Contact(s): Sandra Abbott-Stout 207-509-7234

University College of UMS (Augusta campus) URSUS

46 University Drive Augusta, ME 04330-9410

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Brenda Sevigny-Killen 207-621-3351
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine at Augusta Bennett D. Katz Library URSUS

46 University Drive Augusta, ME 04330

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Rebecca Whitten 621-3309
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine at Farmington URSUS

116 South Street Farmington, ME 04928-1998

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Sarah Otley (ILL) 207-778-8130 Jess Isler (Circ. Head) 207-778-7227
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine at Fort Kent URSUS

23 University Driv Fort Kent, ME 04743

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Debra Durkin
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine at Presque Isle URSUS

181 Main Street Presque Isle, ME 04769-2888

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Nancy Fletcher 207-768-9595
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine Law School URSUS

246 Deering Avenue Portland, ME 04102-2898

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Megan York 207-780-4818
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Maine URSUS

5729 Fogler Library Orono, ME 04469-5729

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Jeff Roggenbuck 207-581-1666
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of New England - Biddeford une

11 Hills Beach Road Biddeford, ME 04005-9599

System coordinator: Stew MacLehose
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Biddeford campus: Brenda Austin 602-2386 Sharon Eckert, 602-2364 or 221-4329
Laurie Mathes, 221-4326
Bethany Avery, 221-4325
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Southern Maine - Lewiston - Auburn College URSUS

51 Westminster Street Lewiston, ME 04240

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Dale Kuczinsk 207-753-6540
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Southern Maine - Portland Campus Glickman Family Library URSUS

314 Forest Avenue P.O. Box 9301 Portland, ME 04104-9301

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): William Sargent 207-228-8154
Cataloging Contact(s):

University of Southern Maine-Gorham Campus URSUS

37 College Avenue Gorham, ME 04038

System coordinator:
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Edward T. Moore 207-780-5346
Cataloging Contact(s):

Upper Kennebec Valley Schools RSU #13 ukv - Minerva

PO Box 669 Bingham, ME 04920

System coordinator:Amanda Walz (Rep) 207-672-3300
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Amanda Walz 207-672-3300
Cataloging Contact(s): Amanda Walz 207-672-3300

Vose Library vos - MILS

392 Common Road, Union, ME 04862

System coordinator: 207-785-4733
ILL/Circ Contact(s): 207-785-4733
Cataloging Contact(s): 207-785-4733

Walker Memorial Library wlk - Minerva

800 Main Street Westbrook, ME 04092

System coordinator: Rebecca Albert 207-854-0630
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Luke Sorensen 207-854-0630
Cataloging Contact(s): Cindy Dykes 207-854-0630

Washington County Community College tcw - Minerva

1 College Drive Calais, ME 04619

System coordinator: Elizabeth Phillips (Rep) 207-454-1050
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Elizabeth Phillips 207-454-1050
John Leavitt 207-454-1051
Cataloging Contact(s): John Leavitt 207-454-1051

Waterville Public Library wpl - Minerva

73 Elm Street Waterville, ME 04901-6078

System coordinator: Sarah Sugden (Rep)> 207-827-5433
ILL/Circ Contact: Larry Dodge 207-680-2610
Cataloging Contact(s): Cathy Perkins 207-680-2608

Wells Public Library wel - Minerva

1434 Post Road PO Box 699 Wells, ME 04090-0669

System coordinator: Andrea Kazilionis 207-646-8181 x205
Devin Burritt (Rep)
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Sandy Patrick 207-646-8181 x203
Cataloging Contact(s): Anne Mosey 207-646-8181

Wells Reserve - Dorothy Fish Coastal Resource Library dfc - MILS

342 Laudhold Farm Road Wells, ME 04090

System coordinator: Nancy Viehmann (Rep) 207-646-1555 ext. 118
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Nancy Viehmann 207-646-1555 ext. 118
Cataloging Contact(s): Nancy Viehmann 207-646-1555 ext. 118

Windham Public Library win - Minerva

217 Windham Center Road, Windham, ME 04062

System coordinator: Jennifer Alvino (Rep) 207-892-1908
ILL/Cataloging Contact(s): Sally Bannen 207-892-1908
Circulation Contact(s): Jennifer Dupree 207-892-1908

Winslow Public Library wsw - MILS

136 Halifax St, Winslow, ME 04901

System coordinator: Pamela Bonney (Rep) 207-872-1978
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Brenda Wilson 207-872-1978
Cataloging Contact(s):Brenda Wilson 207-872-1978

Wiscasset Public Library wsc - MILS

21 High St, Wiscasset, ME 04578

System Coordinator: Pamela Dunning 207-882-7161

Witherle Memorial Library wit - Minerva

PO Box 202 Castine, ME 04421-0202

System coordinator: Anne Romans (Rep) 207-326-4375
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Anne Romans 207-326-4375
Cataloging Contact(s): Anne Romans 207-326-4375

York County Community College tcy - Minerva

112 College Drive Wells, ME 04090-9999

System coordinator: Amber Tatnall (Rep) 207-646-9282
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Bernie Alie 207-216-4394
Cataloging Contact(s): Annette Tanguay 207-646-9282

York Public Library ypl - Minerva

15 Long Sands Road York, ME 03909-1113

System coordinator: Michelle Sampson, Director (Rep) 207-363-2818
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Frank Dehler 207-363-2818
Cataloging Contact(s): Kim Erickson Myers 207-363-2818

York School Department ysc - Minerva

30 Organug Road York, ME 03909

System coordinator: Lisa Gallant (Rep) 207-363 7887
ILL/Circ Contact(s): Lisa Gallant 207-363 7887 Does not loan or borrow videorecordings (VHS & DVD)
Cataloging Contact(s): Lisa Gallant 207363 7887