About MaineCat

What is the MaineCat Statewide Catalog?

MaineCat Statewide Catalog combines and links nearly 100 library collections contained in 7 large online library systems.  A single search scans more than 4.6 million unique titles and nearly 8.9 million items.

A built-in requesting and transaction management system allows patrons of libraries using a qualifying online system to make online interlibrary loan requests.  Llibrary staff can make requests on behalf of their users, as well.

Growth is ongoing, with new libraries being added to Minerva and MILS systems, consortial automated library systems supported financially by participants.

How does one search MaineCat?

Simply go to: MaineCat – Statewide Catalog .

You can search by author, title, keyword, subject heading and many other access points.  The database is constantly and automatically updated to show new additions to the linked collections, and the current circulation status of each item.

Further information can be found on the Search Tips page. Most library users will find that starting one’s local catalog will result in most quickly identifying and gaining access to the information one seeks.

Who can borrow through MaineCat?

Rapid, self-service borrowing is available to authorized users of any of the participating and active libraries.

Additional Information

For additional information contact your local library.   Additional information about MaineCat Catalog is available from the Contact Us page.

Which libraries participate in which system?

Systems and libraries served:


URSUS is a shared catalog of University of Maine System campuses, Bangor Public Library, Maine State Library, Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library and Maine State Archives.

Single Library Systems

Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin Colleges: George and Helen Ladd Library,  Bowdoin College Library, and Colby College Libraries

Maine Maritime Academy, Castine: Nutting Library

Portland Public Library

University of New England, Biddeford and Portland: UNE Library


Minerva is a consortial catalog system with libraries of all types from across the state participating.

  • Minerva Catalog
  • View participating libraries under “select library” at catalog


MILS is a shared library system that brings together smaller libraries from across the state.

  • MILS Catalog
  • View participating libraries under “select library” at catalog

Additional Information

Online requesting and lending through MaineCat enables patrons of participating libraries, with one exception explained below, to make requests from home, work or school for materials not owned by their local library. Combined with a statewide van delivery system, MaineCat gives users access to books and other resources more quickly than ever before.

When an item is requested through the MaineCat central catalog, the system authenticates the patron with his or her home institution. If there are blocks on borrowing privileges or if for any other reason the patron is not eligible to borrow the online requesting function will prevent placement of a request. The user will be directed to consult his/her librarian.

In General

Participation in online requesting and borrowing is required of all MaineCat participants ( see MaineCat Online Request Contacts) with the exception of libraries whose collections are entirely non-circulating.

There is no general policy as regards requests of MaineCat libraries by non-MaineCat libraries. Some libraries accept such requests, often under rules that differ from those for MaineCat borrowers. Many others do not accept such requests at all. MaineCat was developed as a reciprocal service, where borrowing libraries list their holdings and honor requests for them from other participants.

General Policies

Libraries are encouraged to be as generous as possible in making circulating materials available for requesting.

Libraries are encouraged to contribute records for reference items and other non-circulating but useful materials to facilitate on-site visitation and usage. Such materials should be coded with an Item Status other than “-” Available, or given a non-requestable Item Type.

Materials that circulate locally, but which are not requestable through MaineCat, should be coded as Non-Contribute so they do not show up in MaineCat and frustrate users who can see them but not request them.

Circulation Policies

4-week loans: Books, Audiobooks

  •     Institutional (outgoing) Loan Period: 56 days
  •     Loca (incoming) Loan Period: 28 days plus a 14 day renewal
  •     Time To Pickup: 10 days
  •     Overdue Notices: at 3 days past due (with renewal)
  •     Bills: at 14 days after the overdue notice
  •     Charges:
    • Default Item Cost                     50.00
    • Replacement Processing Fee    25.00
    • Replacement Bill Service Fee    10.00

1-week loans: Video materials, Music/audio materials (not audiobooks), other non-book materials

  •     Institutional Loan Period: 17 days
  •     Personal Loan Period: 7 days plus a 7 day renewal
  •     Time To Pickup: 10 days
  •     Overdue Notices: at 3 days past due (with renewal)
  •     Bills: at 14 days after the overdue notice
  •     Charges:
    • Default Item Cost                     50.00
    • Replacement Processing Fee    25.00
    • Replacement Bill Service Fee    10.00

Note: certain CBB materials circulate according to a variant loan rule

Recalls are not enabled within the system, but a lending library may contact a borrowing library directly and ask it to recall an item as a courtesy.