Library Abbreviations Used In the MaineCat – Statewide Catalog

URSUS Abbrev | Minerva Abbrev  | MILS Abbrev

Library staff are likely to encounter a wide variety of abbreviations for library locations in processing MaineCat online requesting and lending transactions. This page provides a key to those abbreviations for several of the consortial systems linked to MaineCat.  Note that not every location listed here participates in lending and borrowing.

Consult the Maine Barcode Symbol Registry for a listing of the current barcode prefixes registered to libraries across the state.

URSUS Catalog

Single character locations found on Paging & Transit Slips:

A – U M Augusta / Off Campus Lib Service

B – Bangor Public

F – U M Farmington

H – Maine State Library

I – U M Presque Isle

J – Maine State Law and Legislative reference library

K – U M Fort Kent

L – Law School

M – U M Machias

O – U Maine Orono

S – U So Maine

  • University of Maine (Orono) odoc, odocf, odocs, omap, osta, ostr
  • Darling Center / UM dsta
  • University of Maine at Augusta ab&t , aedof , aeres, amaps, amic, amst, aovr, asta
  • University College (Bangor) / UMA usta
  • University of Maine at Farmington fsta
  • University of Maine at Fort Kent kgovt, kovr, kpam, ksta, ksto, kya, karcc
  • University of Maine at Machias mcur, mfic, mficm, mjuv, movr, msta, mstam, mvfm
  • University of Maine at Presque Isle iacq , iadm , iarc, icat, icmc, icnew, icper, icrom, idoc, idocf, ifas, igrfl, iindx, ijuv, ijuvb, imap, imdoc, imed, imic, inew, iper, istor, upqd, upqm, upqq, upqt, upqu
  • University of Maine School of Law (Portland) lcan, lcml, ldoc, ldocf, leu, lne, lsta
  • University of Southern Maine – Portland pcirc, pdoc, pdocd, pdocf, pfoli, pmdoc, pmdod, porb, povr
  • University of Southern Maine – Gorham gcirc, godc, gdocd, gdocf, dfoli, gjuv, fmdoc, fmdod, gorb, govr
  • Lewiston Auburn College / USM ecirc, eovr, esta
  • Bangor Public Library bchr, bcoa, bdoc, beasy, beres,bfic, bgvf, bjawd, bjefl, bjhol, bjmec, bjper, bjser, bjsta, bjya, blob,bme, bmic, bnbk, bnld,bpfr, bpic, bscf, bsta
  • Maine State Library (Augusta) mea&, meaa, meac, mead, meaf, meag, meah, meam, mear, meas, meat, meatl, meau, meaud, mebr, mecdr, medst, mefic, mefil, megd, megdf, mehol, melup, memd, menbk, meovs,meper, mered, mesaf, meres, mesfb, mesmc, mesmp, mesoh, mesta, metrp, mewre
  • Maine Law and Legislative Reference Library (Augusta) raud, rgov, rlen, rmain, rmez, rper, rrep, rsta, rsth, rvid

Note that requests from UMS sites and centers not listed below should be sent to the home campus library of the student, not to the remote site. For further info on such transactions, contact: Brenda Sevigny-Killen, Library Associate for Off-Campus Library Services, University of Maine System/University College, Katz Library 208, 46 University Drive, Augusta, ME 04330 tel 207-621-3351 or 1-800-339-7323 Maine only /1-888-266-4950 National

Minerva Catalog

In certain contexts “Minerva” is the only visible location. If a barcode is visible, however, you can usually determine the owning library by checking the assigned barcode identifiers in the Maine Barcode Symbol Registry.

  • ANA Kaplan University – Augusta
  • AND Kaplan University – S. Portland
  • ANL Kaplan University – Lewiston
  • APL Auburn Public Library
  • ART Maine College of Art
  • ASD  Augusta School Department
  • BAI  Bailey Public Library
  • BBH  Boothbay Harbor ML
  • BFL  Belfast Free Library
  • BML  Baxter Memorial Library
  • CAM  Camden Public Library
  • CFL  Calais Free Library
  • CML  Curtis Memorial Library
  • EDL  Edythe Dyer Comm Lib
  • EMM  Eastern Maine Medical Ctr
  • FML Falmouth Memorial Library
  • FRE Freeport Community Library
  • GAR  Gardiner Public Library
  • GPL  Gray Public Library
  • HOB Hobbes Memorial Library
  • HUS  Husson University
  • JML  Jesup Memorial Library
  • KBK Kennebunk Free Library
  • LIT  Lithgow Public Library
  • LPL  Lewiston Public Library
  • LUD Ludden Memorial Library
  • MCA  McArthur PL
  • MER  Mercy Hospital
  • MGA  Me Gen Med Ctr – Augusta
  • MGM  Maine General Medical Ctr
  • MHS  Maine Historical Society
  • MSO  msl outreach
  • NOR  Norway Memorial Library
  • OTP  Old Town Public Library
  • OPL Orono Public Library
  • PFL  Patten Free Library
  • PIT Pittsfield Public Library
  • RIC Rice Public Library
  • RKD  Rockland Public Library
  • ROC  Rockport Public Library
  • RPL  Rumford Public Library
  • SJC  St. Joseph’s College
  • SKI  Skidompha Public Library
  • SPB  S Portland Branch Library
  • SPP  South Portland Public Lib
  • SWH Southwest Harbor PL
  • TCC  Central Maine Comm Coll
  • TCE  Eastern Maine Comm Coll
  • TCK  Kennebec Valley Comm Coll
  • TCN  Northern Maine Comm Coll
  • TCS  Southern Maine CC
  • TCW  Washington Cty Comm Coll
  • TCY  York County Comm Coll
  • THO  Thomas College
  • TML  Thomas Memorial Library
  • TPL  Topsham Public Library
  • UKV  SAD #13 Upper KV Schools
  • WAR Warren Memorial Library
  • WEL Wells Public Library
  • WIT Witherle Memorial Library
  • WPL  Waterville Public Library
  • YPL  York Public Library
  • YSC York School Department

MILS Catalog

  • ABR – A. B. Ricker Memorial Library
  • BRW – Berwick Public Library
  • DAH – D. A. Hurd Library
  • DFC – Wells Reserve – Dorothy Fish Coastal Resource Library
  • MMC – Maine Medical Center Library
  • PAR – Paris Public Library
  • SBR – South Berwick Public Library
  • VOS – Vose Library
  • WSW – Winslow Public Library